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Fieldbus Digital Network Devices - AS-Interface (ASi)

Select Gateways
Gateways control the field devices on an AS-i network and interface with host control systems and computers.

AS-i Power Supply Select Power Supplies
Power supplies provide the required voltage to the AS-i network.

AS-i Position Monitor, Sensor, Controller and Switch Select Valve Controllers, Monitors & Solenoid Valves
Monitors provide visual, electronic, and digital indication of valve position and device status. Contollers monitor valve position and have an output typically used to drive a solenoid valve.

AS-i I/O Products Select I/O Modules & Junction Boxes
I/O modules and junction boxes are used to connect field wiring between devices. These devices can also be used to connect conventional devices to an AS-i system.

AS-i Cables and Cordsets Select Cables & Wiring Connectors
Cable, cordets, and field wiring connectors specifically designed for ASi systems. Quick-disconnets are used for ease of installation and maintenance.

AS-i Field Wiring Connectors Select Handheld Programming & Diagnostic Units
Handheld devices provide a convenient way to address, program, and troubleshoot devices on an AS-i system.

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