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Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, FRL Numatics Filters, Regulators, Lubricators (FRL) and Accessories include a comprehensive line of Modular FRL Components & Assemblies, Miniature FRL Components, High Flow Premium Filters, High Flow FRL Components, Stainless Steel FRL's, Proportional & Precision Regulator Instrumentation, Lockout Valves, Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors, FRL Accessories, Fittings, Flow Controls, Mufflers & Tubing.

PDF Numatics Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL) Catalog

Numatics R12 Regulator Numatics Miniature FRL 12 Series Pressure Regulators
The Numatics Miniature FRL 12 Series is perfect for applications needing clean air in a limited space. The black anodized bodies are made from light weight aluminum and are durable enough to be used in almost any application. Standard range is 0-125 Psig.
ModelStyleSizeOptionsUnit PriceBuy Now
R12R-02Relieving1/4" NPTFNone$29.66
R12R-021Relieving1/4" NPTF0-25 Psig$29.66
R12R-02PRelieving1/4" NPTFPanel Mount$32.39

Numatics 14 Flexi Blok Numatics FlexiBlok FRL 14 / 22 / 32 / 42 Modular Series
The Numatics Modular Flexiblok offers a square head design with integral mounting holes simplifying mounting by eliminating brackets. Direct connect modularity mounts one component to the next with a single O-Ring seal and two screws eliminating adapters and therefore cost and potential leak paths.
ModelStyleSizeOptionsUnit PriceBuy Now
F14B-02Particulate Filter1/4" NPTFNone$40.15
F22B-03Particulate Filter3/8" NPTFNone$86.76
F32B-04Particulate Filter1/2" NPTFNone$118.90
F32B-04MParticulate Filter1/2" NPTFMetal Bowl$125.38
R14R-02Regulator, Relieving1/4" NPTFNone$38.77
R22R-03Regulator, Relieving3/8" NPTFNone$69.27
R32R-06GRegulator, Relieving3/4" NPTFGuage$110.91
R42R-08GRegulator, Relieving1" NPTFGauge$206.24
P14B-02GParticulate Filter/Regulator1/4" NPTFGauge$85.64
P22B-03GParticulate Filter/Regulator3/8" NPTFGauge$155.76
P32B-04GParticulate Filter/Regulator1/2" NPTFGauge$193.95
P42B-08GParticulate Filter/Regulator1" NPTFGauge$351.26
C22D-03GMCoalescing Filter/Regulator3/8" NPTFGauge/Metal Bowl$224.54
C32D-04ACDGCoalescing Filter/Regulator1/2" NPTFAuto Drain/Sight
Bowl/Pre Filter/Gauge
C42D-08AGCoalescing Filter/Regulator1" NPTFAuto Drain/Gauge$489.65
L14L-02Lubricator1/4" NPTFNone$57.10
L22L-03Lubricator3/8" NPTFNone$101.84
L32L-06Lubricator3/4" NPTFNone$125.38
VS14-02Shut-off Valve1/4" NPTFNone$33.70
VS22-03Shut-off Valve3/8" NPTFNone$53.58
MVL42-08YLock-out Valve1" NPTFNone$98.00
DK14-02Diverter Block1/4" NPTFNone$23.27
DK22-03Diverter Block1/2" NPTFNone$26.66
DK32-04Diverter Block3/4" NPTFNone$33.90
PS180CAN01Pressure Switch1/8" NPTM0-300 Psig$162.02
PS180CAN02Pressure Switch1/4" NPTM0-300 Psig$162.02
PS182CAN02Pressure Switch1/4" NPTM20-130 Psig$123.94
PS182-5-90Wiring Cordset3-Pin Micro/5M90º Elbow$28.52
AKF00Automatic Drain22,32,42None55.57
AKF02Automatic Drain22,32,42Bushing/O-Ring$46.27
PN22Panel Mount Nut22 SeriesNone$4.38
BKF22Bowl Kit, Poly22 SeriesNone$34.88
EKF22BElement Kit, 5 µm22 SeriesNone$15.02

Numatics Lockout Valve Numatics Lockout Valves
Numatics lockout valves prevent unauthorized pressurization of an air system during service or maintenance. Numatics lockout valves employ a unique, one piece center spool design that accommodates a user-supplied padlock in the closed position.
ModelStyleSizeOptionsUnit PriceBuy Now
VL32N04YLockout Valve1/2" NPTMNone$154.65
VL32N06YLockout Valve3/4" NPTMNone$154.65

Numatics 280 Pressure Switch Numatics Lockout Valves
Numatics DPS / DVS 280 series digital sensors can be used as a digital pressure / vacuum gauge for accurate visual display of the current value. They can also be used as a controls device.
ModelStyleSizeOptionsUnit PriceBuy Now
DPS280PNQ8Digital Pressure Switch1/8" NPTMPNP DI/2M Cable$179.75
DVS280PNQ8Digital Vacuum Switch1/8" NPTMPNP DI/2M Cable$179.75
DPS280-8-4-ST-5Mating Cable8mm 4-Pin5M Cable$28.08

Numatics FRL Accessories Numatics FRL Accessories
Numatics Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Pressure Regulators, Air Mufflers, Vent Silencers, Check Valves, Lockout Valves, Breather Vents, Speed Controls, Quick Exhaust Valves, Tube Fittings, Tubing.
ModelStyleSizeOptionsUnit PriceBuy Now
GA160Gauge, 1.5" 0-1601/4" NPTMNone$8.00
GB160Gauge, 2.0" 0-1601/4" NPTMNone$8.00
M1MNMuffler/Silencer1/8" NPTMNone$4.90
M2MNMuffler/Silencer1/4" NPTMNone$5.24
M3MNMuffler/Silencer3/8" NPTMNone$6.76
M4MNMuffler/Silencer1/2" NPTMNone$4.72
M5MNMuffler/Silencer3/4" NPTMNone$13.15
CV1FMCheck Valve1/8" NPTFNone$7.11
CV2FMCheck Valve1/4" NPTFNone$7.85
CV3FMCheck Valve3/8" NPTFNone$10.00
CV4FMCheck Valve1/2" NPTFNone$12.00

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