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Sanitary Butterfly Valve Inline Series 707F/717F Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Leak-Proof, Bubble-Tight Shut-Off
Easy-to-Use, Polished, Two-Position Turn Handle (707F)
Ten-Position, 180º Turn Locking Lever Handle (717F)
Uniform Bore Diameter Improves Flow Characteristics
and Eliminates Pooling of Potential Contaminants
Sanitary, Hygienic, Food & Beverage, and High Purity

PDF Product Data Sheet
The Inline Series 707F/717F Sanitary Butterfly Valve incorporates several improved design features to enhance your process performance. The valve's uniform bore diameter improves flow and eliminates pooling of potential contaminates. The wider seating area reduces seat wear and seat pull-out problems. Various options are available to meet your application requirements. Sanitary Design for Hygienic & High Purity. Materials Approved for Use in Food and Beverage Processing

Size Body Seal Ends Part No. Price Submit Item
1" 304SS Silicone Butt Weld 707FA44LO02SFV2 $158.00
1" 304SS Silicone Clamp 707FA44LC02SFV2 $164.00
1" 316SS Silicone Butt Weld 717FA6CLC10SFV2 $169.00
1" 316SS Silicone Clamp 717FA6CLC10SFV2 $174.00
1-1/2" 304SS Silicone Butt Weld 707FC44LO02SFV2 $166.00
1-1/2" 304SS Silicone Clamp 707FC44LC02SFV2 $173.00
1-1/2" 316SS Silicone Butt Weld 717FC6CLC10SFV2 $174.00
1-1/2" 316SS Silicone Clamp 717FC6CLC10SFV2 $181.00
2" 304SS Silicone Butt Weld 707FD44LO02SFV2 $174.00
2" 304SS Silicone Clamp 707FD44LC02SFV2 $181.00
2" 316SS Silicone Butt Weld 717FD6CLC10SFV2 $187.00
2" 316SS Silicone Clamp 717FD6CLC10SFV2 $194.00
3" 304SS Silicone Butt Weld 707FF44LO02SFV2 $198.00
3" 304SS Silicone Clamp 707FF44LC02SFV2 $206.00
3" 316SS Silicone Butt Weld 717FF6CLC10SFV2 $241.00
3" 316SS Silicone Clamp 717FF6CLC10SFV2 $252.00
4" 304SS Silicone Butt Weld 707FG44LO02SFV2 $311.00
4" 304SS Silicone Clamp 707FG44LC02SFV2 $324.00
4" 316SS Silicone Butt Weld 717FG6CLC10SFV2 $345.00
4" 316SS Silicone Clamp 717FG6CLC10SFV2 $359.00
Other materials and options available upon request. Click Here for Automated Sanitary Butterfly Valves.

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