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Limit Switches are activated by cams connected to the actuator shaft. When activated, they send discrete electrical signals to indicate actual valve position, usually confirming that a valve fully opened or closed operated remotely. In addition, these signals can be used as interlocks in a control system. For example, locking out a pump until its supply valve has been opened. Mechanical switches should be housed in an enclosure (Switchpak), which will also provide visual position indication. Proximity (magnetically latching switches) are hermetically sealed which makes them less susceptible to moisture intrusion. Select the appropriate switch type and area classification.

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Asco HS Switch
GoAsco HS


Asco HS Series position indicators for feedback on linear valves such as sanitary diaphragm valves and ASCO 8290 pneumatic valves. HS indicator gives open and closed indication. It can be used with mechanical or proximity switches and fieldbus with AS-I or DeviceNet protocols. HS2, HS3, HS4 & HS Integrated with built-in Solenoid valve.

Westlock ICoT Positioner

Westlock Controls

The Westlock AccuTrak family of products offers an extremely efficient and cost effective method for the monitoring of process valves. By combining sensors, solenoids, junction housings and local visual position indication in one compact unit suitable for weatherproof and hazardous location service.

Westlock Pharma II Switch

Westlock Controls

Westlock Controls has launched its enhanced Pharma II Compact Control Monitor with improved reliability and efficiency for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The compact, redesigned control monitor is available in three model configurations capable of meeting specific customer needs.

Topworx DXP Limit Switch


Topworx Valvetop Valve Controllers and Switchboxes for monitoring valve position attach to all brands of rotary and linear valve and damper actuators, operate in the most demanding plant conditions, and carry a variety of global certifications.

Go Switch
GoGO Switch

Topworx   GO Switch

Go Switch leverless limit switches provide reliable, durable position sensing in the most demanding plant conditions. Unlike mechanical limit switches or inductive proximity sensors, Go Switches use a unique hybrid technology that eliminates wear and tear. As a result, Go Switches are more dependable and last longer in the toughest applications.

Triac Limit Switch
GoTriac APL

The Triac APL Series Limit Switches feature high quality, easy to use multiple option switch boxes for rotary actuators. Their die cast aluminum housings are powder coated for corrosion resistance and feature red/green visual indicators, quick-set cams and easy access terminal strips.

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