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Manually Operated Valves, Pressure Regulators, Relief Valves, and Strainers.
Manual valves isolate, switch and control fluid flow in a piping system. These valves are operated by hand with levers and gear operators. Regulators are self-contained valves used to maintain a constant pressure, temperature, or level based on the applied setting. Relief valves prevent over pressure conditions by opening when the process pressure exceeds the applied setting. Click on the desired valve type to continue with your selection.

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Select Ball Valves
Ball valves are reliable and simple to use as a shutoff valve or flow metering valve. Just a quarter turn of the handle opens or closes the valve. Handle position lets you "see" the valve's position.

Select Backflow Preventers
Backflow Preventers protect your water supply from contamination due to back flow. They are an assembly of at least two check valves separated by an air gap for maximum protection.

Select Butterfly Valves
Butterfly valves are used where economical, high capacity valves are needed. Resilient liners provide bubble tight shutoff in general service applications. High-performance butterfly valves provide excellent flow control, and Triple offset metal seated butterfly valves are designed for high pressure and high temperature severe service applications.

Select Check Valves
Check valves have a disc, ball, or plates that open when for flow starts in the pipeline. When pressure drops, either gravity, back pressure, or a mechanical spring forces the disc back against its seat to prevent reversal of flow (backflow).

Select Diaphragm Valves
Diaphragm valves have excellent shut-off and flow control characteristics. A flexible molded diaphragm regulates flow, provides tight shutoff, and isolates the fluid from the environment. The valve consists of the body, diaphragm, and handwheel assembly. Their simple design and wide choice of materials make them ideal for corrosive, abrasive, and sanitary services.

Select Float Valves
Float valves automatically control liquid level and prevent overfilling tanks. The valve is operated mechanically by a float which rests on top of the liquid. As the liquid level rises, it pushes the float up and closes the valve. As the level falls, the valve opens. The amount of liquid pressure the valve can shutoff against is determined by the length of the rod and size of the float.

Select Gate Valves
Gate valves have a sliding wedge or disc which reciprocates into and out of the valve port. These valves are ideal for isolation of general purpose as well as high pressure and high temperature applications where operation is infrequent. Manual operation is accomplished through a multi-turn handwheel assembly.

Select Globe Valves
Globe valves have a conical plug which reciprocates into and out of the valve port. These valves are ideal for metering fluid flow as well as shutoff in high pressure drop and high temperature applications. Available in globe, angle, and y-pattern designs. Manual operation is accomplished through a multi-turn handwheel assembly.

Plug valves are similar to ball valves except instead of a spherical element, a cylindrical element is used as the internal restriction. Plug valves are typically more expensive than ball valves, but they are inherently more rugged as well. The plug is guided by a sleeve which acts as the sealing member. These valves are available in 2, 3, and 4-way configurations.

Select Pressure Regulators
Regulators are self-operated valves which use a spring and diaphragm to regulate the flow of fluids to maintain set pressure. Ideal where simple automatic control of pressure, level, and temperature is required. Settings are field adjustable within a specified range.

Select Safety & Relief Valves
Relief valves are normally closed and use a spring and diaphragm to monitor process pressure. The valve is designed to lift sufficiently to relieve fluid pressure build-up over setting. These valves help protect vessel and piping system damage from over pressurization.

Select Wye Strainers
Y-Strainers are placed in process pipelines to remove large solid contaminants from the flow stream. Stainers help protect valves, pumps, and other expensive equipment against dirt, scale, chips and other sediment. Strainers should always be installed upstream of solenoid valves to prevent clogging of internal passages.

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