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Numatics Series 501 Pneumatic Valve Manifold

Numatics 501 Valve Island Modular design for easy configuration. High flow rate 11mm pneumatic valve. 4 way solenoid air pilot actuated valves including double 3/2 function. Available in manifold with Fieldbus, compatible with all industrial protocols (DeviceNet, Profibus-DP) and leading Industrial Ethernet protocols (EtherNet/IP, EtherNet/IP DLR, Profinet).
PDF Numatics Series 501 Solenoid Pilot Valve Catalog

Part NumberDescriptionStock ItemUnit PriceBuy Now
8501AK429465001End Plate Kit w/o Muffler w/o DINYes$52.54
8501AK429465005End Plate Kit with Muffler w/o DINYes$56.99
G501AK429465009End Plate Kit w/o Muffler w/o DINYes$52.54
G501AK429465013End Plate Kit with Muffler w/o DINYes$56.99
H501AMM4BMA0010Manifold Base Double Z 1/4" portsYes$64.20
H501AMS4BMA0010Manifold Base Single Z 1/4" portsYes$64.20
P501AB429685001Blank Plate KitsYes$5.26
R501A2B10MA00F1Rubber 2 Position Single Solenoid, Spring ReturnYes$56.35
R501A2B40MA00F1Rubber 2 Position Double SolenoidYes$85.04
R501A2B50MA00F1Rubber 3 Position Open CenterYes$88.78
R501A2B60MA00F1Rubber 3 Position Blocked CenterYes$88.78
R501A2B70MA00F1Rubber 3 Position Pressure CenterYes$88.78
R501A2BA0MA00F1Rubber Dual 3 way NO / NOYes$64.63
R501A2BD0MA00F1Rubber Dual 3 way NC / NCYes$64.63
R501ARS51JA0010Regulator Single Pressure 10-115 psiYes$55.17
R501AS428500001Sandwich Speed ControlYes$31.52
R501AY428501001Sandwich ShutoffYes$61.69
P580AEDN1010A00580 DeviceNetYes$258.76
P580AEEP1010A00580 Ethernet I/PYes$314.20
P580AEED1010A00580 Ethernet I/P DLRYes$400.27
P580AEPT1010A00580 ProfibusYes$431.83
P580AEPN1010A00580 ProfinetYes$431.83
P580AEEC1010A00580 EtherCATYes$373.65
P599AE425188001599 VLV DRV G3 MOD STD KTYes$214.53
P599AE428441001599 25-PIN SB-D MOD STD KTYes$47.47
H850A104B004B104MM x M7 MALE CONNECTOR (10 Pcs) Yes$60.00
H850A104B006B106MM x M7 MALE CONNECTOR (10 Pcs) Yes$49.50
H850A104B104B101/4" x M7 MALE CONNECTOR (10 Pcs) Yes$43.86

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