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Numatics Replacement Airtek Filter Elements
Filter Elements Replacement Airtek Filter Elements by Numatics include the same form, fit and function for Prefilters, High Temp Filters and Coalescing Airtek filter elements. Numatics pleated Prefilters media offers increased surface area thereby extending service life.

Numatics crosses elements for fifty five major compressed air filter brands including: Airtek, Balston, Deltech, Finite, Hankison, Norgren, Pall/PPC, Pneumatech, Wilkerson, Zander and more.

PDF Asco Numatics Replacement Filter Element Catalog

 Replacements for Airtek Prefilters Filter Elements by Numatics
Brand Type OEM Part No. Unit Price Click Part No.
Airtek Prefilters CF3314FE $18.76 RA3314FE
Airtek Prefilters JE3310FE $15.80 RA3310FE
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0020 $9.87 RAF0020
Airtek Prefilters FE-F0050 $15.30 RAF0050
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0110 $19.74 RAF0110
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0150 $24.69 RAF0150
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0200 $33.08 RAF0200
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0300 $39.50 RAF0300
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0400 $49.37 RAF0400
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0600 $59.74 RAF0600
Airtek Prefilters JE-F0800 $75.04 RAF0800
Airtek Prefilters JE-F1000 $103.67 RAF1000
Airtek Prefilters JE-F1600 $167.81 RAF1600
Airtek Prefilters JE-F2000 $236.97 RAF2000
Airtek Prefilters JE-F3000 $301.15 RAF3000
Airtek High Temp Filters JE-F1000H $118.49 RAF1000HT
Airtek High Temp Filters JE-F1600H $197.47 RAF1600HT
Airtek High Temp Filters JE-F2000H $311.02 RAF2000HT
Airtek High Temp Filters JE-F3000H $375.20 RAF3000HT
Airtek Coalescer CF3310CE $18.76 RA3310CE
Airtek Coalescer CE3310CE-1 $15.80 RA3310CE-1
Airtek Coalescer CF3314CE $44.43 RACF3314CE
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0020 $10.86 RAC0020
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0050 $17.08 RAC0050
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0110 $21.72 RAC0110
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0150 $28.14 RAC0150
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0200 $33.08 RAC0200
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0300 $45.42 RAC0300
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0400 $19.87 RAC0400
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0600 $65.17 RAC0600
Airtek Coalescer JE-C0800 $80.97 RAC0800
Airtek Coalescer JE-C1000 $99.00 RAC1000
Airtek Coalescer JE-C1600 $193.23 RAC1600
Airtek Coalescer JE-C2000 $298.18 RAC2000
Airtek Coalescer JE-C3000 $365.33 RAC3000

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