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Analog and Digital (Smart) Valve Positioners
Positioners are used to position a valve based on a control signal. The signal can be pneumatic or electric. The positioner is attached to the valve stem. It compares the actual valve position to the input signal and sends the required output to the actuator to bring the valve to the correct position. The positioner can be analog or digital. Analog positioners use mechanical or electro-mechanical methods to position the valve. Digital (Smart) positioners use microprocessor technology. Smart positioners are preferred for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

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Fisher Fieldvue Digital Valve Controller

Fisher Control Valves

Fisher Fieldvue Digital Valve Controllers are smart valve positioners for sliding stem, rotary, and quarter-turn actuators. Standard 4-20mA Analog Input, HART Digital Communications, Electro-Pneumatic Valve Position Controller. The positioners are remanufactured to new specifications with 2 Year Warranty. 40% - 70% less than cost of new replacements.

Triac Valve Positioners

Triac Analog & Smart Positioners are solid workhorses you can depend on for consistent, reliable control. These pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, and smart valve positioners are advanced control devices which provide unparalleled stability in difficult environments. Triac positioners are easy to install, calibrate, and maintain on damper and valve actuators.

Westlock ICoT Positioner
GoWestlock ICoT

Westlock Controls

Westlock´s family of ICoT Smart Valve Positioners set the standard for the control of both rotary and linear valves. Proven technology with full features including push-button display, auto-calibration, HART, and Fieldbus protocols, reliable non-contact feedback sensor, integral or remote mount, limit switches, and position transmitter options.

Westlock K10 Positioner
GoWestlock K10

Westlock Controls

The Westlock K10 EaziCal Positioner is the first of its kind having calibration either by a simple AutoCal push-button, remotely by with an infrared handheld device. The K10 positioner brings a new level of efficiency to personnel responsible for the calibration of I/P positioners.

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