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Control Valves modulate the flow of fluids in flow, pressure, level, and temperature control systems. They consist of three main parts: a valve body, actuator, and positioner. The positioner, through the actuator, drives the valve in proportion to a control signal. Various types of valve and actuator combinations are available to suit most process control applications.

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Asco Posiflow Valve

Asco Posiflow Proportional Solenoid Valves are internally-piloted proportional solenoid valves with near linear flow characteristics. Variable flow is achieved by positioning the valve´s armature proportionally to a standard electronic control signal.

Metso Neles Control Valve


Metso Neles Control Valves
Neles Control Valves include Rotary Globe, Finetrol Eccentric Plug Valve, RE Segmented Valves, Ball Valves and Butterfly valves are engineered to provide dramatic improvements in process performance while reducing costs. Applications range from cryogenics to +1,100 °F.

Triac V Ball Control Valve


Triac Controls
Triac Ball Valves and V-Port Control Valves are ideal for flow control with the simplicity and sealing features of a quarter-turn valve. Available in full port, and 30º or 60º V-notch characteristics. Complete with pneumatic and electric modulating actuators.

Sharktooth Control Valve


Yeary Controls Valve   Sharktooth Control Valve
Sharktooth Control Valves with Triple Offset Design by Yeary Controls. The latest in control valve technologies for process control applications. Sharktooth Control Valves are the first triple eccentric type control valves exclusively designed for process control and throttling purposes.

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